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Ad mediation can help web publishers optimize revenue between closed networks, where real time auctions don’t exist. Ad mediation is part of our revenue optimization platform, which provides premium demand, innovative ad formats, and ad layout optimization to publishers. We are a funded startup, backed by Microsoft Ventures, and winner of NASSCOM Emerge 50 Award.

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Higher eCPM

Our smart bid comparison engine uses 15+ parameters based on historic performance to decide which network is awarded each impression, without knowing their bids.

AdX vs AdSense

There is significant performance difference between Google products for specific audience segments, which our system can recognize and fine-tune for greater revenue.


We provide in-depth analytics about how various traffic segments are performing on your website on different closed ad networks.

We were using too many different options, plugins, and ad networks. AdPushup helped us organize all these by being a one-stop solution.

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