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Did you know that 53% of mobile users abandon a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load? Google created the Accelerated Mobile Pages project to speed up the mobile web by helping publishers drastically reduce load times, bounce rate, and increase user engagement. AMP is part of our revenue optimization platform which combines premium demand, innovative ad formats, and ad layout optimization to increase publisher revenue. We are a funded startup, backed by Microsoft Ventures, and winner of NASSCOM Emerge 50 Award.

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Better Load Times & UX

AMP can help cut down page load speeds on the mobile web to a fraction of their original, resulting in smoother user experience on mobile.

Better Search Rankings

Google recently included AMP as a ranking signal for mobile web, which means that AMP-optimized web pages will rank higher in search engine results.

More Ad Revenue

With the latest developer updates to AMP including fast fetch ad delivery, publishers can earn as much as 6X the revenue compared to non-optimized pages.

Hand-off approach

Our revenue optimization platform automatically converts standard web pages into their AMP versions without any input required from the user.

We were using too many different options, plugins, and ad networks. AdPushup helped us organize all these by being a one-stop solution.

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