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There are a lot of ad networks out there. But we don’t just serve ads, by using a combination of ad serving and delivery optimization techniques, we help publishers realize the true value of their inventory. Our revenue optimization platform provides premium demand, innovative ad formats, and ad layout optimization to web publishers. We are a funded startup, backed by Microsoft Ventures, and winner of NASSCOM Emerge 50 Award.

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Layout Optimization

Our machine learning based layout optimization technology helps web publishers maximise revenue potential across their entire ad inventory—automatically without user intervention.

Header Bidding

Header bidding allows multiple ad exchanges to bid simultaneously on publisher inventory before making ad server calls, resulting in faster ad delivery and higher ad revenue.

Ad Mediation

Our smart bid comparison engine uses 15+ parameters based on historic performance to decide which network is awarded each impression, without knowing their bids.

New Ad Formats

In addition to standard IAB display units, we offer native, sticky, and in-image ads to help publishers maximise their earning potential by unlocking these new revenue channels.

AdBlock Recovery

Our ad-reinsertion adblock recovery system help publishers earn back the revenue that they are losing to ad blockers without disrupting user experience.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

With the latest developer updates to AMP including fast fetch ad delivery, publishers can earn as much as 6X the revenue compared to non-optimized pages.

We were using too many different options, plugins, and ad networks. AdPushup helped us organize all these by being a one-stop solution.

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