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Monetizing a website can be tricky: Which ad networks should you use? Which ad formats do you run? We help publishers earn more revenue by helping build a custom ad strategy best suited to their needs. Website monetization is part of our revenue optimization platform, which provides premium demand, innovative ad formats, and ad layout optimization to publishers. We are a funded startup, backed by Microsoft Ventures, and winner of NASSCOM Emerge 50 Award.

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New Ad Formats

In addition to IAB display units, we offer native, sticky, and in-image ads to help publishers maximise their earning potential by unlocking new revenue channels.

Premium Demand

We have partnerships with top-tier ad networks and exchanges across the globe and increase bid pressure by bringing their demand to all our publishing partners.

Instant Revenue Uplift

Our automated layout optimizer coupled with header bidding, AMP, ad mediation, and other yield maximization techniques translates into immediate revenue uplift.

We were using too many different options, plugins, and ad networks. AdPushup helped us organize all these by being a one-stop solution.

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